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The Truth.
People that does not march in step 
19th-Feb-2009 03:46 pm
Author: http://lugovsa.livejournal.com/

One of the arguments used by vile though highly professional journalist Maxim Shevchenko (I wonder why journalists like him are always popular? However, this is a subject for another posting) – in his discussion with Victor Shenderovich about the operation in Gaza sounds roughly like this:

It is just impossible that all world mass-media and all people of entire planet (non-Arabs and non-Muslims) would all at once lie (or all at once be mistaken), saying that Israel is a merciless aggressor and children murderer! It is just impossible that "entire company is marching out of step and Israel alone – in step."

Frankly speaking, the argument is rather trivial and practically zero-risk. But "zero-risk" does not mean "true". Yes, indeed, there is a nation on this planet that is always marching out of steps. It is not because they do not want to be like everyone else. It is because they cannot. There is no rational explanation to this fact, but it does not abolish the fact itself.

When entire mankind was placing numerous idols in their temples – this people point-blank refused worshiping statuettes, revering some incomprehensible, invisible and formless single God. And for being so stubborn they had by the way lots of troubles from all their civilized neighbors: Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome

There passed some time, and what had been considered a common norm in civilized world before - turned out to be a primitive savagery, and all civilized nations en-mass switched over to monotheism. People that had marched out of step appeared to be right, while the others were not.

Do you think that harmony established among the nations in the world? Alas, noOne nation persistently marched out of step.  You are going to laugh your head off – but it was the same nation again who had had hard times with the pagans before. And this time – all over again, the other nations accused this people of savagery, of failure to understand the tendencies of the development of modern world, of practicing disgusting rituals. And just as before, this people was beaten, slaughtered, banished, humiliated – as usually done with those who is not marching in steps.

Some more time passed, and most of nations of the world accepted the idea of pluralism and multiculturalism. It should seem logical that marching in steps must have lost its topicality, and from now on everyone is free to march as he likes.

Not completely, as appearsFor some unexplainable reason, one nation, although marched out of step like others, did it however in a different way. For some reason, for any other nation it was considered completely normal to defend its independence when needed, sometimes wage wars, sometimes occupy territories in result of those wars.  Although – not for this nation. In some inscrutable way, this nation appeared to be marching out of steps even in the line of those marching out of steps. For some reason, out of ten million refugees worldwide eight million do not interest anyone, but the remaining two million – interest everyone. Maybe these two million live worse then othersQuite the contrary!  Exactly these very two millions receive about 75% of funds allocated by the whole world for refugees; exactly these very two millions have the highest life expectancy and living standards, and the lowest death-rate. Any other refugees in their second generation stop being refugees, acquiring the status of citizens of the state X born in the family of refugees from the state Y.   But the Palestinian refugee is the inherited status. Out of today’s Palestinian refugees no more than 10% are those who indeed left of were expelled from their birth-places. But their children and grand-children for some reason continue being considered refugees. Can you name any convincing explanation to this other than they fled from the people that is marching out of steps?

There are unfortunately many conflicts in the world where tremendous numbers of lives are lost. Can you answer straight off which side you are taking in the conflict between Tutsi and Hutu, or between Croatians and Bosnians, or between Armenians and Azerbaijanis? Do you often happen to hear about those conflicts?   And what about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict? Can you suggest any rational explanation to this?

It happens sometimes in this world that one country by military action occupies the territory of another country, and later annexes the occupied territory, that is - appends it to its own territory. Or finds some other way of establishing control over the occupied territory. Let’s say, just for the last half-century were occupied territories of Tibet (by China), Chad (by Libya), Somali (by Ethiopia). Did you happen to read much in the newspapers about those occupied territories? And what about those territories occupied by Israel? Can you explain this in any rational way?

You often reproach the Jews for considering themselves chosen or peculiar people. Here, I wrote a little about this peculiarity… Peculiarity, which consists in the fact that this people for more than three thousand years already has been marching out of steps. It turns out that it does happen. And for some reason, the rest of the world, while marching in steps, considers the book about the history of Jews who are out of steps the most widely read one; and call their pride all those marching out of steps Einsteins, Freuds and Maimonides’… Strange, ha?..

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